Murazzano DOP

The origins of the Murazzano DOP brand are shrouded in legend. It is said that once a young shepherd lived with his family in the town of Murazzano. Giuanin was his name, and his job was to check the mounds produced in the house while his parents grazed the sheep. One day a crow managed to enter the dairy and escape with a narrow shape in its beak. Giuanin followed him through hills and valleys to the castle of Ceva, a notorious refuge for demons and witches.

He entered one of the many caves that opened at the foot of the ruined walls, and here he found a table laden with all kinds of delicacies.

The young man, tired and hungry, did not hesitate to use it, but the Devil appeared out of nowhere and immediately accused the young shepherd of having eaten his lunch, claiming his soul as payment.