Food and wine

Moments to savor, emotions to live

In addition to the charm of the landscape, it is the culinary art that makes the Langhe a unique paradise, so exclusive that it is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A centuries-old peasant production and a generous land know how to give raw materials of sublime quality. The journey of taste originates in traditions but arrives in innovation: the ancient and genuine flavors of the past are intertwined with the sustainability of tomorrow. An exciting, authentic and colorful cuisine will gently enter your heart, delight the eye and conquer the palate.

You are in the homeland of his majesty the Alba White Truffle, the Murazzano DOP cheese, the Tonda Gentile Hazelnut, one of the best varieties in the world, the noble fresh pasta, cured meats, sauces and desserts.

In short, nothing is missing here, not even good food and good wine. Welcome to the culinary art paradise.

The Tuma who even tempted the Devil.

The origins of Murazzano DOP are so rooted in the past that they intertwine with the history of the Celts and are shrouded in legend. Emblem of an ancient peasant recipe, it is the oldest of Piedmont’s robiole and is still made by hand, shape after shape. Murazzano DOP is a fresh fat cheese, produced with sheep and cow’s milk. Its texture is soft, with a fine flavor and delicate scent. Each bite is an explosion of taste and a perfect balance between sweetness and intensity. A delicacy to be enjoyed as an appetizer, perhaps seasoned with oil and pepper, or also excellent on its own.

Murazzano wine
white truffle
“The truffle is the diamond of the kitchen.”

Autumn is coming. The days get shorter, the fog falls, the colored leaves fall lightly. Under the pines, oaks and poplars of the forest hides the most precious treasure of our land: the Alba White Truffle. The truffle is emotion, poetry and a symbol of timeless charm. The intense and pungent scent that releases this small but precious gift of nature is unmistakable. The White Gold of the Langhe finds life in elegant dishes, an expression of rare aesthetic and sensorial refinement. Close your eyes and imagine. The flakes crossed by a dense network of veins descend sweetly on your plate of tagliolini, raw meat or risotto. That lively aroma intoxicates your senses and is ready to make you live an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

white truffle
“Life is too short to drink mediocre wines.”

When refined delicacies meet the most renowned oenological masterpieces in the world, a harmonious fusion of intoxicating aromatic notes is born. Come and discover the wine bars, cellars and immerse yourself in the incredible stories of our wines. Stroll through the vineyards surrounded by the scents and sounds of nature, perhaps sipping an excellent glass of wine. Each bottle holds a tradition, each sip tells the essence of our land. More than 14 DOCG and 18 DOC wines are produced in the Langhe, ready to reach tables all over the world and to spoil even the most demanding palates.

wine in Murazzano
white truffle
“There is no more sincere love than the love of food.”

There is no tasting that can be said to be complete without cured meats. Typical Piedmontese cold cuts are a real must of the Langhe and the entire region: each slice tells a story of the mountains, of authenticity and passion. Seasoned in cool millenary cellars, treated with care by skilled hands, stuffed with fine spices and aromatic herbs, the intense essences of our cold cuts reserve unforgettable surprises for your palate. Salami, lard, bacon and sausage are just some of the protagonists of the Langa sinoire snacks. Get ready to savor excellent products, served on delicious cutting boards and accompanied by local bread, crunchy breadsticks, jams and a good glass of wine.

white truffle