The Windmill is the oldest monument in our country. It dates back to around the year 1000 at the time of the Saracen invasions, where it was used as a Vaita tower or lookout. rom its summit, the arrival of enemies to the inhabitants of the valleys below was signaled.
Later it was transformed into a windmill for grinding wheat. This is evidenced by the two large holes clearly visible in the walls of the tower, in which the axis was inserted that, moved by the external blades, transmitted the driving force to the millstones.
It remained in use until 1630, when the then Council of the Community imposed grinding at the mills of Cigliè.


The existence of the mill is proven by the Murazzano Statutes of 1534, which speak of a “molendinum del Lora”.

A silent tower but rich in history and charm, capable of thrilling and inspiring even the most famous writers. Beppe Fenoglio wrote in 1954: “View of the ancient windmill of Murazzano, Belvedere is a corner, and is the only object worthy of the most glorious mornings of the year. So compact and yet varied at the top, a fortress appears, inhabited by knights and monks (of the highest quality) without a shadow of women (with some rare old women for the services) “..