Anchovies Al Green

Humble and rich appetizer, just like the peasant life of the past.
If it sounds strange to you to see fish in the center of a typical Piedmontese dish, you will discover that history has brought the sea to our hills.
Anchovies al verde are daughters of the ancient bond between the Langhe and Liguria, joined by the famous Via del Sale, a fascinating route that winds along the crest of the hills. Wine was especially exported to Liguria, while oil, salt, and anchovies arrived from the land of the sea, for which a market was held on Saturdays in the main square of Alba.

Tradition wanted anchovies to be kept in a bowl covered with oil: from time to time it was allowed to taste one with bread, to preserve such a precious food for as long as possible.


  • twenty anchovies in salt
  • three cloves of garlic
  • two handfuls of parsley
  • a handful of basil
  • a red spagnolino (red pepper)
  • two hard-boiled egg yolks
  • olive oil
  • two tablespoons of vinegar
anchovies al green


Take the anchovies from the brine and pass them under running water to clean them, then carefully remove the bones. Separately, prepare a sauce consisting of parsley, garlic, basil, Spanish and hard-boiled egg yolk, all finely chopped and mixed with olive oil and vinegar. In a small serving dish with high sides, lay the cleaned anchovies and cover each layer with the green sauce. Proceed until the sauce is used up.

To best enjoy this typical Piedmontese appetizer, we recommend letting the green anchovies rest for at least twenty-four hours, in this way they will absorb the delicious flavor of the sauce.

All you have to do is serve them on a slice of toast and it will be easy to conquer the palate and the heart of your guests.